ERION is the Ethics and Research Integrity Officer Network within EARMA. It is an open community to discuss the practical and implementation side of Research Ethics and Integrity. The community is for all those that need to ensure compliance, efficiency, functionality, fairness and robustness in the practices and processes in their organisation. 

Participants may have titles such as Ethics/Integrity Officer, Administrator and many others. In this respect, there is a clear distinction between ERION and other ethics groups and committees targeted at policy, high level, philosophical or strategic advice. The main focus of the community is putting theory and policy into practice. 

A key component of ERION is the H2020 Standard Operating Procedures for Research Integrity (SOPs4RI) project (2019-2022) where EARMA has partnered together with other 12 organisations across Europe. SOPs4RI is working to promote excellent research and a strong research integrity culture that aligns with the European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity. More information about the project here.

ERION is a community of practitioners, rules and procedure experts, and its main purpose is to provide a forum for knowledge-sharing and collaboration in order to facilitate implementation of relevant policy and establishment of best practices. 
The community will also take advantage of its role as an important stakeholder in the field, for instance by providing input to the EC Ethics and Research Integrity Sector of DG RTD (ERIS) regarding rules, procedures and practice, and participating in research projects and other initiatives of relevance to the community’s interests.

ERION usually meets at least twice per year online or physically (in Brussels or in other locations across Europe). Topics discussed in past meetings included: GDPR implementation, research evaluation, training and many others. You can watch back some of the meetings on the EARMA Youtube channel:

ERION in conversation: An overview of 2021


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For questions, please contact Borana Taraj.